The Premises are soley for inorganic, nontoxic, inert personal property.
  1. Spray painting, welding, etc., is not permitted within or around the Premises.
  2. No explosive, hazardous or flammable materials may be stored in the Premises.
  3. No firearms of any kind may be stored in the Premises.
  4. No mechanical services may be provided on Premises (i.e. engine work, oil changes, etc.)
  5. No individuals may inhabit the Premises and no grills, space heaters, hotplates, refrigerators, freezers, or other appliances may be utilized on site.
  6. No food on Premises.
  7. Premises may not be used to store trash or rubbish, items omitting odors, plants or any other things which harbor insects, rodents, or other pests, or disrupts the use and enjoyment of other Occupants.
  8. Dumping is not allowed on Premises.
  9. Occupant shall be responsible for replacing all light bulbs, controlling for insect/pest infestations, and repairs to Occupant-supplied appliances.
  10. No signs, banners, lettering, painting, awning, canopy, shutter, screen, radio or television antenna, or anything else, may be placed on or applied to the Premises.
Vehicle Rules
  1. Any stored vehicles or equipment shall be fueld or de-fueled outside of the Premises.
  2. All Personal Property must be correctly stored within the leased spaces within the Premises.
  3. Lanes and adjacent spaces must remain clear.
  4. Items left in adjacent spaces may be towed or hauled away at Occupant expense.
  5. All Vehicle(s) that can be seen (i.e. visible under Canopy) must have current registration and tags pursuant to statute.
Owner, its agents, and contractors shall have the right to enter the storage units with reasonable notice.
  1. Under non-exigent circumstances, Owner agrees to give Occupant at least 24-hour notice of intent to enter.
Lock Rules
  1. If the DaVinci lock is found unlocked, Owner may take whatever measures Owner deems reasonable to secure the space, with or without notice to Occupant. Customer must return the DaVinci lock to the Facility drop-box when they move out and if Occupant fails to leave it, or the lock is cut or damaged, Occupant will pay Owner a reasonable replacement fee, depending on costs to Owner.
  2. Units are overlocked when they are thirty (30) days overdue on rent.
  3. The overlock must be placed in the Facility drop-box or Occupant will be charged a $25.00 fee.
  4. Doors should remain locked while in use.
  5. Only one lock is allowed per door latch and additional locks will be removed with a $25 charge.
Lockout assistance may be available for a fee of $25.00.

Lease payments are due promptly on the first (1st) of each month, without notice.
  1. Any credit or debit cards on file must be updated without request of the Owner.
  2. Partial payments will not stop fees or eviction procedures.
  3. Occupant shall notify Owner immediately of any address, phone number, and payment method changes.
Always close your unit door(s) and never leave an open space unattended
  1. Owner does not assume any liability for theft and you must consult with your insurance agency for coverage.
  2. Never, give out your gate entry number or DaVinci lock code!!!
  3. No guests are permitted on Premises.
  4. Only Occupant and their immediate family shall be permitted on Facility grounds
  5. Any other individual on Facility grounds may be criminally and civilly liable for trespass.
At end of lease, the storage unit must be swept clean, emptied, in good condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted.
  1. A fee of at least $250 will be charged to remove items or clean the space.
  2. Occupant’s assigned lock must be removed upon termination of occupancy and returned to the Facility drop-box.
Report any issues immediately so we may address the issue in a timely manner.

You may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to the recovery of lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Premises and Leased Space Rules

Ready to Move Out?

Owner does not prorate the Occupant's last month of rent due if move out is before the last day of the month. Tenants may not move out on their own.
  1. As stated in the Lease Agreeement, fifteen (15) days advanced written notice or ten (10) days oral notice must be given by Occupant before vacating their storage unit. The notice must include the date when the Occupant plans to move out.
  2. On the day of Move Out, Occupant's unit must be left clean (broom-swept) and free of any and all debris, trash, or personal items when Occupant vacates the unit - units must be completely empty.
  3. Please be aware that a trash receptacle is not provided - please bring your own. Owner may dispose of any property left or abandoned in the storage space or on the storage facility by Occupant after Occupant has terminated their tenancy.
  4. Occupant is required to contact the Facility manager to finalize the end of Occupant's contract by emailing the following information to
  • Name
  • Unit Number
  • Picture of the Empty Unit
If preferred, Occupant can text the information above to a phone number provided by the Facility manager. Occupant must ensure that they close their unit door and secure it with the black DaVinci lock. Any other DaVinci locks in Occupant's possession must be returned to the Facility drop-box. Lost or Non-returned locks will incur a $25 replacement fee. Owner will email Occupant a confirmation of Occupant's successful move-out within 48 hours of Occupant completing all above elements.