Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Units Now Available in Ashland and Grand Island

What are portable units?
Our portable storage units are containers that we’ll deliver to your home or office for your storage needs. These units are ideal for a 2-bedroom home and each container is approximately the length of a standard parking spot.

How do I rent one?
Rent a portable storage unit by calling our office. You must rent at least a day before you need it so that we can arrange the delivery. We need the full address(es) to complete the rental in order to make sure that we can complete the delivery. If you need temporary storage, we can bring the loaded moving container back to our facility where it will be safe, secure, and easily accessible until you need it elsewhere.

When you rent, we’ll need to know the date you want the unit delivered and the date you plan to return it. (You can always change the return date if you need to.) We also need to know how many deliveries you will need; will you want the loaded portable storage unit to be delivered straight to your new location or will you want to store it at our facility before moving it there?

Do I need insurance?
Yes, insurance is required. Provide proof of your own insurance or enroll in our insurance coverage provided by Storage Protectors.

Can I store my portable storage unit in a parking lot?
Yes, the portable container will fit in a standard parking space, but we will need extra room for delivery. We recommend contacting your property manager to ask for two or three parking spots to be available when it is time to deliver your portable storage unit.

How much space is needed when placing a portable storage unit?
We need an area that is approximately 12’ wide and 40’ long (about the size of two parking spaces) to deliver the portable storage unit. If your driveway isn’t that long, we can make the delivery as long as using the street provides adequate space. Please ensure that there are no low-hanging or branches within 15’ of the ground.

How far can Storage Ninjas transport my portable storage unit?
We can generally deliver anywhere within a 60-mile radius of the facility. Please contact us if you need your portable storage unit delivered outside that radius.

What do I do after I finish packing my portable storage unit?
Once you have loaded your storage container, we can deliver it to another location or bring it back to our facility where it will be safe, secure, and easily accessible. Advance notice is required since deliveries are scheduled based on availability.

How do I prepare my portable storage unit for pick-up and delivery?
Please follow the checklist here to ensure that your portable storage unit is packed correctly to keep your belongings safe for over the road transportation. The total weight of your property cannot exceed 7,500 pounds. Storage Ninjas is not responsible for damage to your belongings during shipping if they break because they were packed incorrectly. The delivery company’s insurance covers damage to the portable storage unit during transit.

Do I need to be present for the delivery of my portable storage unit?
No, you don’t need to be present at the site when your container is delivered. The driver will follow your instructions for the delivery and the driver will contact you before they arrive. You should be available if there are things in the way or if you think the delivery would be difficult.

How soon can I get my portable storage unit?
Delivering a portable unit depends on the container and service availability. If Storage Ninjas has portable storage units available, we should be able to schedule the delivery for the day after the unit is rented by calling the office.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery fees start at $75 from Ashland or $100 from Grand Island. Fees vary based on distance from the facility. On average, our delivery fees cost a third of the price of PODS delivery fees.
What times are deliveries typically done?
For portable units delivered from our Grand Island location, deliveries are scheduled on weekdays between 8-5 pm.

For portable units from our Ashland location, deliveries can generally be scheduled at any time, including weekends.
Service is subject to availability.

Will the delivery driver call me before they arrive with my portable storage unit?
Yes, our delivery driver will call you when they are on the way to confirm where to put your storage container. Please be sure to answer because the driver will have important questions about your preferences.

What do I do if I need to reschedule my delivery?
In the event that you need to reschedule, you must notify Storage Ninjas prior to 3:00 p.m. the day before the originally scheduled delivery/pickup service. Not giving proper notice will incure a $50 rescheduling fee.

Will the portable storage unit damage my property?
We place containers in most locations without resulting in any damage. The portable storage units are water and rain resistant, so they do not leak under normal storm conditions. However, please keep in mind, that if you choose to store the moving container on a non-paved surface (grass, sand, gravel, dirt, brick, stones, shells), there is always the possibility of yard damage. We cannot determine the integrity of paved surfaces, so we recommend checking for existing cracks and plan to place the portable storage unit away from that area. Nevertheless, we always use care to deliver your portable storage unit so that the possibility of damage is minimal.

How long can I keep my portable storage unit?
As long as there are no specific regulations that limit the time your portable storage unit can be stored at your location, you can use it for as long as you need. Since we use a monthly billing cycle, we will bill you according to any additional months you may need if your plans change.

If your first month's rent is for a period of fewer than 15 days, you must pay for the second month's rent in advance.

How long does it take to deliver the portable storage unit to my new location?
Delivery times depend on availability and how far we need to transport your portable storage unit. Advanced notice is required.

Is my driveway too steep?
If your driveway is on an incline, the portable storage unit can still be delivered as long as a car door stays open when the vehicle is parked with the front facing uphill. If the car door closes, the incline is too steep, so please call us to discuss other possible locations.

How do I find out about my local regulations?
Storage Ninjas will let you know about any restrictions we are aware of when you call to reserve your unit. Portable units may not be parked on the street and must be stored on your property. We recommend contacting the city code enforcement with any questions just to be on the safe side.

Where can I put the portable storage unit?
Our portable storage containers are best placed on a flat, paved surface and must be stored on your property. Additional charges may apply if you want the container to be placed on a non-paved surface (grass, sand, gravel, dirt, brick, stones, shells). Storage containers may not be stored on the street. Please call to talk about placement options if that is not available. When your empty portable storage unit is delivered, we’ll do our best to meet your placement preferences, but it is up to the driver’s discretion.

What do I need to do when I’m done using my portable storage unit?
We will email you with the estimated time the day before we plan to pick up your empty moving container. You don’t have to be present, but please make sure that the unit is accessible, empty, clean, and the DaVinci lock is on the unit.
Storage Ninjas Ashland now has Portable Storage Containers available for rent wherever is convenient for you.
Storage Ninjas Grand Island now has Portable Storage Containers available for easy storage solutions wherever you need them.