What to Expect with Portable Storage

Make Sure You’re Ready ·
  • Is the planned space large enough for the portable storage container? Be sure to clear a space that is at least 12’ wide and 40’ long without anything hanging within 15’ from the ground.
  • Where is the most convenient spot? Where do you want the door to face for easiest access? Is there enough room for you to park next to it and safely get things in and out?
  • If you’re storing it in a parking lot, please reserve 3 consecutive parking spaces so we can successfully deliver the portable storage unit.
  • Are there any restrictions? Check with your local government or neighborhood homeowners' association and find out if you need a permit or approval for storing the portable storage unit. If you do, also find out there is a limit on how long you can have it.
  • Portable storage containers may not be stored on the street and must be stored on your property.
  • Storage Ninjas’ portable storage containers are 8’ wide, 8’ tall, and 16’ long, which is ideal for a two-bedroom home. Is this enough storage?

What We’ll Need to Know When You Rent a Portable Storage Unit ·
  • Where do you want the portable storage container placed? Which way do you want the door to face?
  • When do you want the portable storage unit delivered?
  • Be sure to read and accept the rental agreement. This must be done before we can deliver your portable storage unit.

Billing Cycle
  • The initial charges on the day you rent will include the prorated rent as well as a minimum of two delivery fees. If you know of any additional deliveries you’ll need, we can add those as well. You can always change or add delivery dates when you need. Paying the costs up front means you don’t have to worry about paying for the return delivery costs when you’re focusing on unloading and moving into your new home.
  • We use convenient autopay so you don’t need to worry about making payments on the 1st of each month.
Delivery Time
  • We will email you with an estimated delivery window for the next day. The delivery will contact you when they are on their way on the scheduled delivery day.
  • About a week before your next scheduled delivery or pick-up, we’ll call you to verify your address, contact information, tentative delivery date, and to confirm placement details. The advanced notice allows us to double-check availability and eliminate any unexpected issues or delays.
  • If you need a permit or approval, please email it to our office at sensei@storage-ninjas.com as soon as possible. We’ll need to add it to your account before the delivery. ·
  • Remember to clear the space where your portable storage container will be placed. Move your car away from the driveway and remove anything that may be hanging over the placement area.

Want the Portable Storage Unit Out of Your Driveway?
  • We’ll be more than happy to bring your portable storage container to our facility. It will be safe, secure, and easily accessible with us for as long as you want. We’ll deliver it to you when you’re ready for it back at your house or to the new home you’re moving into.
  • Our facility is fully fenced with electronic gate access. You can access your unit anytime between the facility access hours 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. You are the only one who knows the code to the DaVinci lock on your unit so only you can access your stuff.
  • If you are moving, we can deliver it to your new home when you’re ready. You are in control of scheduling and because we use a monthly billing cycle, you can load and unload the portable storage container at the pace that works best for you.

Ready to Return the Empty Container?
  • Call us to schedule the pick-up. Service is subject to availability and the earliest we can schedule the pick-up is the day after you call us.
  • Don’t wait to schedule the pick-up. Let us know as soon as possible when you’re ready for us to pick up the portable storage unit so that we can schedule it before the next billing cycle starts on the first of the month. We don’t want you to spend more than necessary since we don’t prorate rent.

Best Practices for Loading Your Portable Storage Container

Follow these instructions when packing and loading the container. You assume full responsibility and liability for packing your property in the Container(s) and for securing your property for over the road transportation; Your property shall not exceed 7,500 pounds in a 16’ container.
When packing your things
  • Protect your floors by placing paper/plastic liners. Moving blankets can help protect your doorframes.
  • While packing, create an inventory. If you have more than one portable storage unit, keep track of where each box goes.
  • Protect your furniture by wrapping it and avoid putting tape directly on it. It may be better to disassemble some pieces and wrap each part individually.
  • Break down lamps, removing light bulbs and pack the lamp shades in boxes. ·
  • Use bubble wrap or picture boxes when packing picture frames and mirrors.
  • Label each box, on all four sides, with room and contents. Mark fragile items as such.
  • Plan to keep essential items and valuables with you and pack them separately.
  • You can leave clothing and soft materials in dressers as long as it is still manageable when full.
  • Carefully wrap and pack any breakable items separately after removing them from dressers and cabinets.
  • Don’t overpack or underpack boxes. Boxes with empty space are more likely to get squished and overpacked boxes won’t close correctly.
  • Store heavy items, such as books, in smaller boxes.
  • Use bubble wrap or newspaper between items in boxes to protect them and help keep it secure.
When packing the movable container
  • It’s easiest to pack the portable storage unit in sections. Start in the back by building a wall of your belongings before moving forward and building the next wall of items.
  • Large furniture like dressers can act as strong bases for the walls. Evenly distribute heavy boxes and appliances before filling the rest of space with smaller boxes. Do not load all the heavy items first.
  • Boxes tend to remain in place when packed tightly with other boxes and when secured in the sections/walls you create as you pack the unit. The moving container should be fully packed wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.
  • Put the things you’ll need to access first, closest to the door for easier access.
  • Once you reach the hooks, secure the boxes with rope or straps.
  • When finished, make sure there is 4”-6” buffer between the last items and the door so that you can still open the door easily if the stuff shifts slightly.
  • To help minimize the risk of your things moving to block the door, it is recommended to create a barrier at the end. This could be a mattress, box spring, or flattened boxes taped together.
Not Permitted Items: Acid, Darkroom Chemicals, Pesticides, Charcoal, Ammunition, Lighter Fluid, Liquid Bleach, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Fertilizer, Motor Oil, Gasoline, Paints, Car Batteries, Matches

Do not make any alterations, or do any cutting, drilling, painting/marking on the interior or exterior surface of the container.